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can you have Your guide and helful contraception

Welcome to the contraception manual

"where can i get beginning manage?" "Which method of shipping manipulate suits me?" "i'm below sixteen – can i get contraception?"
a few element questions you've got got approximately getting and the usage of start manage, this guide can help. It desires to provide practical statistics to anyone who desires to understand greater approximately contraception, collectively with young adults; women of their 20s, 30s and 40s; and anybody with a question about the method they use or are thinking about the usage of.
you may find out approximately the 15 techniques which can be available on the NHS, together with wherein to get them and the manner to decide which method would possibly artwork splendid for you.
finding your way spherical

if you're viewing on a computer show, use the big inexperienced tabs at the pinnacle of the internet net web page to see an entire menu for every segment of the contraception guide. in case you can't discover what you are after, attempt the quest discipline at the pinnacle of the internet page – it covers everything on the NHS picks website.
if you're viewing this on a cell device, click on the blue tab known as "Sections" at the pinnacle of the net internet page, and you may see a listing of all the topics protected in this manual.
well-known subjects and pages

you can start through the usage of locating out approximately the strategies of contraception you can choose out from, inclusive of how they artwork, who can use them and viable thing outcomes. those techniques are:
combined tablet
condoms (girl)
condoms (male)
contraceptive implant
contraceptive injection
contraceptive patch
intrauterine device (IUD)
intrauterine machine (IUS)
natural circle of relatives making plans
progestogen-satisfactory tablet
vaginal ring
There are  everlasting strategies of birth manipulate:
lady sterilisation
male sterilisation (vasectomy)
you may moreover find out about:
how powerful birth control is, and
how powerful emergency birth control is
identifying which technique suits you

Which technique works quality for you relies upon on pretty a variety of of factors, which includes your age, whether or not or no longer or now not you smoke, your scientific and own family information, and any treatment you take. discover what you need to bear in mind wherein approach suits me?
wherein you could get start manipulate and emergency start manage

birth control is unfastened on the NHS. discover in which to get delivery control, and are trying to find by means of the use of postcode to locate:
GPs near you
sexual health clinics close to you
pharmacies near you
you could additionally find out wherein to get emergency start manipulate – the "morning after tablet" or the IUD (coil).
commonplace questions about birth control

Get answers to three common questions on getting and using starting manage, together with:
what to do if you're on the pill and you are sick or have diarrhoea
using starting control after having a infant
at the same time as your intervals will come decrease again after stopping the tablet
whether you may get a sterilisation reversal on the NHS

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